🎉 Exciting News! Rvvup Pay by Card can now be added as a Payment Method! 💳💰
Date: 10/07/2023
We're thrilled to announce another major enhancement to our payment method options! Starting today, you can now add Rvvup Pay by Card payments. This means you can now manage all the most popular payment methods in one single interface.

🌐 Why Cards? It’s not new.

We understand that online businesses have diverse payment needs, but cards are still an important payment method for many customers. By introducing cards as a payment method, we're offering online merchants the traditional payment method choice trusted and recognised worldwide.

💳 Benefits of Card Payments:

✅ Conversion: adopting new payment methods can take time and having different options in checkout is important to ensure buyers don’t abandon their checkout journey.

✅ Confidence: enjoy the peace of mind that you’re providing your customers the choice they need and payment method that is globally trusted and recognised.

✅ Global Reach: Cards are still widely used globally, so you know you’re checkout is covered.

💼 Payments for Online Businesses:

For online businesses, having the flexibility to accept all the major payment method options means you have the best chance of increasing conversion. 80% of customers abandon their cart if they don’t see their preferred payment method.

🌟 Join Us and Switch On Rvvup Pay by Card today!

We're excited to take this step forward in our commitment to providing you with the best and most relevant payment options. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted payments and fintech partner.

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