🌐 Rvvup Payments and Treasury with New Global Features! 🚀
Date: 02/06/2023
At Rvvup, we're constantly challenging ourselves to deliver the absolute best functionality to delight our customers. We're thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our technology stack, introducing powerful global payment and treasury features that will transform the way businesses manage their payments. With enterprise grade support for pay-ins, treasury management, pay-outs, instant and same-day settlement, and refund capabilities, Rvvup is building for the next generation of online businesses.

💰 Pay-Ins: Across Future and Traditional Payment Methods
With our multi-rail pay-in capabilities, Rvvup now offers a seamless and secure payment experience for businesses and their buyers. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing payments across different payment types – our platform streamlines the entire process, ensuring both the right payment choice at checkout and that funds reach the right destination in real-time.

✨ Treasury Management: Maximising Financial Control
Managing payments has never been easier. Rvvup's treasury management suite empowers businesses to optimise for cost reduction, increased conversion, simplified reconciliation and actionable insights.

💸 Payouts: Instant and Efficient
Need to receive payment funds quickly and securely? Rvvup has you covered with our real-time payouts infrastructure.

⚡ Same-Day and Instant Settlements: Speeding Up Transactions
In today's fast-paced business environment, time is key. Rvvup introduces instant and same-day settlement capability, allowing you to receive and access your funds as soon as the payment has been made. Say goodbye to waiting days for transactions to clear – with Rvvup, your money moves at the speed of your sales.

🔃 Refunds: Effortless Reversals
Mistakes happen, and refunds are a natural part of business operations but not all open banking solutions support refunds. Rvvup had built an enterprise grade refund process, offering businesses a simple way to process refunds, reversals and ensure customer satisfaction. Streamline the refund experience for your customers and boost their trust in your brand.

🌍 Going Global with Rvvup
We remain committed to global financial accessibility for our customers. With these new features, Rvvup is better equipped than ever to support global businesses. Whether you're a multinational corporation, hyper-growth startup or scale-up, our platform caters to all your payment needs on a global scale.

🚀 Get Ready to Transform Your Financial Landscape!
The addition of these global payment and treasury features cements Rvvup's position as an emerging leader in the payments and fintech space. We're thrilled to see how these innovations will empower our customers to streamline their financial operations, improve cash flow, and drive growth.

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