Rvvup Payments Launches Industry First for Payment Links
Date: 25/10/2023
Rvvup, a rapidly scaling new success in the future of payments, is thrilled to launch a first-in-class Payment Links solution. Rvvup Pay Links offers online businesses a faster, more secure way to create, share and get paid by card or even Pay by Bank.

With 75% of payment links paid within one day of receipt, Rvvup Pay Links enables online businesses to get paid fast, with different payment options.

Empowering merchants and their buyers with more choice, now businesses can use Rvvup Pay Links to request payments from their customers in the most convenient ways, including email, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Rvvup Pay Links uniquely offers buyers their preferred payment methods, whether it's Cards or Pay by Bank, supercharging conversion and customer satisfaction, plus helping merchants save as much as 80% on fees.

In an increasingly fragmented payments landscape, described by McKinsey as the Decoupled Era, choice at the checkout is critical. Statistics show that over 80% of shoppers abandon their cart if their preferred payment method isn’t available. Rvvup Payment Links eliminates this obstacle, delivering higher conversion with a faster experience.

3 Key Benefits of Rvvup Pay Links:

1. Fees: businesses significantly reduce their fees when customers Pay by Bank

2. Immediate: no need for any integration, shopping cart, or point-of-sale system. Payment Links can be instantly shared with customers where they are, e.g. via email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

3. Enhanced Security: process orders with the latest security, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive payment data.

In addition, using Rvvup Pay Links enables online businesses to see all transactions across different payment methods, from links and from their website in a single interface, designed to simplify reconciliation plus access key insights to optimise for conversion, basket size and cost reduction.

Getting Started with Rvvup Pay Links is simple. Onboard fast, create a payment link, share via the relevant channel or even in-person with a QR code, and get paid instantly.Rvvup is committed to empowering businesses with innovative payment solutions that future-proof their checkout in the new multi-rail era of payments. Rvvup Pay Links represents a huge leap forward in providing enhanced benefits to the many customers that already benefit from Rvvup’s payments 3.0 platform.

Rvvup is a first-in-class, full-stack multi-rail payments 3.0 platform delivering three generations of payments, reconciliation, and insights in a single interface. Built by a team of experts, alumni from Braintree, PayPal, Depop, Etsy, Fiserv, Virgin, AIB, CapitalOne and more, who have delivered $Billions in growth. Rvvup future-proofs online businesses across increasingly fragmented payment rails offering its e-commerce customers the latest real-time open banking and digital payments, alongside traditional payment methods, giving businesses the choices they need now, as well as equipping them for the rapidly changing future.
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