Slash your fees by 80% and start getting paid on the same day

Fireaway Pizza felt that paying 2% fees for commercial cards and waiting days to receive their money was far from optimal.

Using Rvvup's Pay by Bank, now they are saving 80% on their processing fees and get paid immediately.

In the event of a mistake, refunds used to take 4-5 days for the franchisee to receive; now with Rvvup Instant Refunds these are back in their franchisee's bank account in seconds.


Boost sales with strategic payment placement

WeCanSourceIt not only wanted Pay by Bank as a new payment option but they also felt they could increase their PayPal conversion by making it the primary payment method on their checkout. Before this was a hassle that required developer attention; now re-ordering your payment methods is a simple, intuitive drag and drop placement.

The move significantly boosted their PayPal conversion rate, surpassing their monthly sales threshold within just the first week, prompting an adjustment to accommodate the new surge in sales volume!

Fireaway wanted to optimise for cost by putting Pay by Bank at the top of their payment options. This has resulted in their A2A payments now accounting for a whopping 42% of their total transaction volume, saving them a fortune!


Add Pay by Bank without having to add yet another PSP

LoftZone wanted the benefits of A2A (open banking) payments but was already managing multiple separate PSP integrations - one for card payments, a direct PayPal integration, and Clearpay for BNPL.

If a merchant wants to add Pay by Bank it typically means all of onboarding, integrating and configuring a new PSP just for Pay by Bank. Plus another PSP connection complicates the website and multiplies the reconciliation workload.

With Rvvup, LoftZone can now have the leading A2A payment method - Pay by Bank, alongside Cards, PayPal and Clearpay all through a single connection. Not only is LoftZone now able to take advantage of A2A's many benefits, but they've also consolidated their PSPs down to just one, simplifying their reconciliation.


Enable your customers to Pay by QR in person

Allstone, a stone and cement supplier, previously relied on physical card machines for in-person payments. When customers, often small business owners, arrived to collect materials, they would drive onto a weighing scale and pay for their load using a commercial credit card with high processing fees and taking 3-5 days for the money to arrive in their bank account.

Allstone can now use Rvvup's PayNow app on their phone or tablet to generate a QR code for their customer to scan and pay by QR. This eliminates the need for expensive physical card machines.

The QR code uniquely gives customers the option to Pay by Bank as well as cards, which has significantly reduced Allstone's processing fees, and helped cash flow with funds arriving in their bank account same day.


Allow us to do the onboarding for you

Again Faster Europe, a fitness equipment retailer, were keen to add new payment methods like Pay by Bank and Clearpay but didn't want to spend the time themselves labouring through multiple onboarding processes.

Before Rvvup's Onboarding-as-a-Service (OaaS), Again Faster Europe would have had separate onboarding process for each payment method, each process requiring its own set of documents and compliance checks - hassle!

Without extra effort from Again Faster Europe, Rvvup's Onboarding-as-a-Service got them set up with Pay by Bank, Clearpay, and card processing, enhancing the payment choice for their customers, while saving them precious time.


Simplify reconciliation with all your payments under one roof

Before using Rvvup, ColourCraftDirect had to access separate PSP systems and dashboards to retrieve transaction data for each payment method, making the reconciliation process cumbersome and time-consuming.

They needed to extract sensitive transaction data our of each PSP and import this into a spreadsheet, manually combining and formatting the data to reconcile their accounts. This manual reconciliation was not only painfully finicky work but the process took hours, if not days each month.

With Rvvup's payments hub, all ColourCraftDirect's transaction data for cards, PayPal, BNPL and Pay by Bank is now consolidated together, eliminating the need to manage multiple PSPs and enabling easy analytics spanning all payments methods.

Rvvup's unified payments hub has transformed the reconciliation process for ColourCraftDirect, making it more efficient, less time-consuming, and providing a much better overview of everything in one place.

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"Partnering with Rvvup has resulted in massive savings for our group! Installation was seamless and their expertise and support is a pleasure to work with"

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