Celtic Timber: Payment choice & simplified savings
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Celtic Timber is a family run wood manufacturing business that has been operating since 2007.  The business creates and provisions the highest quality timber products including Oak beams & shelves, Wine & Whisky barrels, Larch/Cedar Fencing and more.
Before Rvvup
Prior to working with Rvvup's Payment 3.0 platform, Celtic Timber were mainly taking payments by card with relatively high transaction fees.  Adding multiple payment methods to the checkout was a challenge and having multiple integrations and dashboards increased complication, time and resource spent on reconciling payments.

In addition, they had no simple option to accept lower fee Pay by Bank payments via their WooCommerce store or through payment links.

Fees were a notable cost that Celtic Timber wanted to reduce and at the same time they wanted to increase the payment choice at checkout without impacting checkout performance or increasing management and operational complication.
Reducing transaction fee costs. Managing multiple payment methods across multiple accounts and dashboards. Offering more choice to customers without reduced checkout performance, multiple integration and a poor checkout experience. Taking bespoke value orders via payment links on the phone, via digital channels or in-person wasn't ideal.
Working with Rvvup has been a no-brainer for us. We are now able to offer highly secure payment methods, that are aesthetically designed for conversion and also save us money. We have reduced our abandonment rate with this faster more secure payment service for our customers.
Grant Goddard
Celtic Timber
Now with Rvvup
Since joining Rvvup, Celtic Timber have had a number of benefits including:
  • Reduction in fees in part due to adding Rvvup Pay by Bank to their checkout
  • Multiple payment methods in one so their customers have choice while simplifying operational management
  • 3 core payment methods can now be managed with one account, a simple install and one single interface — no need for multiple accounts and dashboards
  • Ability to create bespoke payment links in seconds and request a secure payment on Card or Pay by Bank via digital channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc. and even in-person with a QR code
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